"Sincerely Spring"

Station 16 Seafood Restaurant & Bar’s 2019 Spring-Summer house cocktail reveal brought to you by Tyler Arstingstall. Celebrating our 3 year anniversary and the upcoming release of our new dinner menu!

Photo Credit: Yelp Sacramento


“Today was incredible! I got to showcase and discuss 8 new creations of mine for the Spring-Summer Cocktail List in front of Sacramento’s finest/biggest bloggers in Sacramento, Instagram influencers, industry friends, cocktail enthusiasts, UFC fighters, and everyone far and in between! Educate, taste testings, and building SO much hype around something I took a lot of time and effort to put together, is the most humbling feeling to date! Thank you for all who coordinated, and helped out to make this event as great as possible Kimberly Lam, Miranda Brown, and Misti Manis, couldn’t have done this without you guys! And a HUGE S/O to everyone who showed up! Too many to tag, but just know I saw and appreciate your support for Station 16 Seafood Restaurant & Bar, me, and the upcoming big changes happening soon!”

-Tyler Arstingstall


a big thank you to everyone that attended!

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